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What is the "Summit of Minds"

The Summit of Minds, held annually in France’s Chamonix, this year will be held in Armenia for the first time. The event titled "Armenian Summit of Minds" will be held on June 7-9 in Yerevan and Dilijan. The key partner of the summit is the "The Monthly Barometer" analytical magazine.

An agreement was reached on the organization of the event in September 2018, when President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian took part in the Annual Summit of the Conference as key speaker.

Armenia is the first country to host this event outside Chamonix.

The key topic of the discussion of the Armenian Summit of Minds will be "Regional geopolitics, economy and investments: Effects of Multi-polarization on Trade and Investment Flows ".

Famous speakers from different countries will deliver reports on the topic.

Why Armenia?

As the summit’s official website reads, "Armenia is ready to act as a vital bridge between different countries. For this purpose, it needs friends' support. How can the world invest in Armenia and regional countries? And how can the world benefit from Armenia? The "Summit of Minds" in Armenia is a unique opportunity for the participants to feel the old and the new at the same time that the country has to offer. "

The purpose of the summit:

The key objective is to better understand the complex and rapidly changing world, to present new ideas about key issues of global interest, establish mutually trusted partnership ties through direct discussions.

During the summit open-air events will also be held, focusing on the importance of reunion with nature and welfare.

Who are the founders of the "Summit of Minds"?

The founders of the summit are Philippe Bourguignon and Thierry Malleret.

Thierry Malleret is an economist and writer, founder of The Monthly Barometer.

Philippe Bourguignon is a French businessman, formerly Chief Executive Officer of Disney. In 2003-2004 he was the co-chair of the World Economic Forum.

Their overall goal is to inform the subscribers of the "The Monthly Barometer" of key global events.


Who are invited to the summit?

 The summit participants are the "The Monthly Barometer" subscribers. The "Summit of Minds" is the annual gathering of the “Monthly Barometer” magazine. As the number of participants is limited (up to 300 participants), the organizers send invitations to only 300 participants each year. Therefore, to participate in the summit you have to subscribe to the magazine.

Is the Summit always held in Chamonix?

So far, the summit has taken place at its headquarters in Chamonix. But the founding team currently wants to move the summit to other places.

Who are the speakers?

Reporters from different countries deliver reports. Introducing different ideas and perspectives, they promote a free dialogue.

All participants of the summit are specialists from different fields: politicians, scientists, business-investors, leaders of the largest companies and mass media.


What is The Monthly Barometer?

"The Monthly Barometer" is an analytical magazine that presents macro problems that busy decision makers are interested in. We live in the age of information flow, when it becomes more and more difficult to separate the primary information from the secondary.

The purpose of the magazine is to reduce these difficulties by conveying a simple (but not primitive) and clear message.


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