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Prosecutor's Office Rejects Appeal Against Decision to Place Attachment on Ex-President Sargsyan's Property

The Prosecutor's Office has rejected the appeal by Armenia's third President Serzh Sargsyan's lawyer against the decision to place attachment on Sargsyan's property. The Prosecutor's Office has confirmed this news to Armenian

The Special Investigation Service (SIS) has placed attachment on Serzh Sargsyan's property, but his legal defender Amram Makinyan had appealed this decision.

The SIS announced the indictment of Serzh Sargsyan on December 4, 2019. According to the official report, occupying the office of the President of the Republic of Armenia and using his respective official position, in 2013 he organized the theft of 489,160,310 drams by a group of officials. He was charged with a criminal offense, and a signature bond to not leave Armenia was chosen as the pretrial measure for him.

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