''The main goal of the bureau’s program ... in Armenia is to support the host state in developing an effective and transparent criminal justice sector that respects human rights and actively fights corruption,'' the text says.

Such work includes, among other things, promoting the modernization of law enforcement and criminal justice, combating international organized crime and upholding the rule of law.

In this regard, the duties of the senior adviser, as follows from the job description, will include studying the needs of Armenia in terms of anti-corruption and law enforcement activities.

''The adviser will work closely and build constructive relationships with colleagues from the Armenian Ministry of Justice, the Anti-Corruption Committee and other departments related to criminal justice,'' the document says.

In addition, the specialist will have to attend anti-corruption conferences and seminars, coordinate his work with the American side and report to it, train and instruct representatives of a number of Armenian departments.

According to the document, a senior adviser can receive from $91.5 thousand to $134.3 thousand per year. It is planned to conclude a contract with him for a year with the possibility of extension.

Earlier it was reported that the United States intends to continue to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

The State Department announced the search for a specialist who, among other things, would assess the needs of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs for the necessary equipment and control its supply.