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Aliyev Prevented Repetition of "Arab Spring" in Azerbaijan

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made another sensational statement. "The scenarios that were implemented in the Middle East, were prepared for Azerbaijan as well. In 2011 and then in 2012 some foreign circles were talking about the "Arab Spring" in Azerbaijan, stressing that it is unavoidable. Thousands of steps were taken to destabilize the situation," Ilham Aliyev announced during the meeting on economic issues and preparation of the state budget for 2016, Trend reports. He said "these processes have become more serious since early 2013", adding that there were certain attempts to destroy Azerbaijan on the eve of the presidential elections.

It is well known that the Aliyev’s regime suffers, thinking that some forces want to overthrow them. This is the reason why every voice of protest in Azerbaijan is considered to be as a coup attempt. And those who is enough courageous to express their protest, these voices immediately end up in jail. And Aliyev does not even try to hide this fact: "Azerbaijan’s law enforcement agencies managed to disable all attempts to destabilize the situation in the country".

It is notable that the period that Aliyev mentioned is the time, when Azerbaijani authorities began a real campaign against NGOs and journalists. In 2013 during "Eurovision" song contest the whole world saw how the protests are being silenced in this country.

The president of Azerbaijan also decided to speak about the economic and financial crisis. "There is an economic downturn in Europe and Asia. But we manage to successfully overcome the crisis, we are able to protect our country and provide the country's economic development,"  Aliyev said, probably forgetting that a few days ago he had to call an extra session due to the economic problems.

And one more interesting fact. According to different sources nearly 50 percent of Azerbaijan's state budget is provided by the energy resources. But now we see that oil prices decline. Azerbaijani counted that for only one year Azerbaijan's revenues decreased by 33%. From this point of view Aliyev's statements about economic development are nonsense.




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