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Turkey Tries to Get Rid of Its Biggest Headache - the Kurds

Turkey has launched an open war against the Kurds. Recently the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz also referred to this issue, criticizing the Turkish government's policy towards minorities and expressing a confidence that Turkey cannot win the conflict with the Kurds by military means. It should be resolved by peaceful means.

Of course, Europeans, talking about the hostile acts committed by Turkey against the Kurds, intend first of all to show that Turkey, despite its assurances, objectively, is not yet ready to become a full member of the big European family. There is still much work to be carried out towards that direction.

However, the fact that Turkey openly conducts war against the Kurds is doubtless. The Kurdish part of Turkey, in particular, Diyarbakir, recently turned into a place of real military actions. The bloody consequences of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict are felt also in other cities of Turkey, which are expressed by terrorist acts organized by the Kurdish terrorist organizations (for example, the terrorism in the city of Bursa, for which "Kurdistan Freedom Falcons" organization took responsibility).

It is also obvious that the geography of Turkish-Kurdish conflict has come out from the borders of Turkey. In the framework of the fight against Kurdistan Workers' Party, which is a banned terrorist group in Turkey, the Turkish armed forces have shelled the northern Kurdish areas of Iraq. There is an impression that under the pretext of fighting against terrorism, as well as taking advantage of the tense and chaotic situation in the region, the Turkish authorities are trying to get rid of their biggest headache - the Kurds.


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