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Humanitarian Summit in "Inhuman" Turkey

The World Humanitarian Summit that was held in Turkey on May 23-24 was attended by a number of high-level officials from different countries and international organizations. During the summit peaceful settlement of conflicts, protection of human rights, the problems of migrants, etc. were discussed. 

Holding such a summit in Turkey raises certain concerns and surprise.

It seems illogical that the heads and high-level officials of a number of countries, let’s say a large segment of international community is ready to discuss humanitarian, human rights issues in a country, which today creates a large number of humanitarian problems and advocate inhumane policy.

It is enough to remember that Turkey, under the pretext of fighting against terrorism, is warring against the Kurds that are its citizens, is massacring the peaceful Kurdish population and supports the terrorist activities of the Islamic State.

A number of opposition Media were forced to suspend their activities, great efforts were put by the ruling party for the abolition of the immunity of the parliamentarians, so as in the future to be able to settle a score with the pro-Kurdish deputies without any obstacles.  

A number of human rights organizations in their reports raised several problems concerning the situation of human rights in Turkey, several European officials criticized Erdogan’s policy. However, after that, all of them together silently went to Istanbul to discuss global humanitarian problems.

Most probably it is this inconsistency and "forgiveness" that gives Erdogan’s regime an opportunity to continue supporting terrorism, to commit massacres against the Kurds and in all ways to restrict the freedom of expression in the country. This policy of Europe gives Turkey an opportunity to dictate the rules of game and put demands towards the EU without meeting its commitments for the EU accession and establishment of visa-free regime.

Double-standards and inconsistent policy very often depreciate the weight of the international community and the important role of being a "deterrent factor." As a result, Turkey and a number of other authoritarian countries not only go far away from the democratic and civilized world, but also become a threat for the latter.

The silent indifference of the international community towards the fate of the Kurds and some non-addressed statements are only a few from those factors due to which Erdogan today feels himself almighty and invincible. And Kurds here are not an exception at all.  

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