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The Issue of Armenian Genocide is on the European Agenda

After the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Bundestag, now the whole attention is on France. Last Friday the National Assembly of France (the lower House of the Parliament) unanimously adopted the amendments in the bill "Equality and Citizenship" suggested by the government, which provides criminalization of Armenian Genocide denial. According to the bill one year in prison or a fine of 45 thousand euro is provided for a person, who will deny crimes against humanity and war crimes, including genocides.

It should be mentioned that the bill adopted by the French NA, still needs to be approved by the Senate, then signed by the President. Only after this the bill will enter into force. The probability that it will be approved by the Senate at least is not low. It is enough to remember that 4 years ago the French Parliament (both the lower and the upper Houses) approved the bill criminalizing the Armenian Genocide denial, which, however, did not enter into force because it was appealed in the Constitutional Council and the bill was found unconstitutional.

In addition, in France a corresponding law of the denial of Jewish genocide, the Holocaust, has long been operating. All these give grounds to assume that the document presented by the French Senate has great chances, especially now, when the relations between Europe and Turkey are not that smooth and when the German Bundestag has recognized the Armenian Genocide.

In case the bill is supported by the French Senate as well, most probably this will be followed by Turkey’s usual behavior – calling back the Ambassador, boycotting the French products, organizing anti-French campaign.  

Of course, both Germany and France, by bringing the issue of the Armenian Genocide to their agenda, aim at putting pressure on Turkey. However, this fact does not decrease the power of the influence of these documents on the overall process of Genocide recognition and condemnation.

There is a high probability that resolutions and bills recognizing the Genocide or condemning the denial of Genocide will be developed and adopted in other countries as well, primarily in Europe.


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