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The World's Most Creative Christmas Trees Ever

The Portland Press Herald

Christmas trees can be very different, natural or artificial, big or small, green or silver. They are decorated with either light or toys, or candles, or with all at the same time. But sometimes Christmas trees are very unique, creative and sometimes even strange.

Thus we present you the world's most original and interesting Christmas trees ever, which definitely will not leave indifferent any passerby.

The tallest Christmas tree ever has been put in Dortmund, Germany. It consists of small trees and has a height of 45 meters.

Image result for 45 metres dortmund christmas tree

''Lego'' Christmas tree with a height of 9 meters is placed in the shopping mall in Britain's Manchester City.

Image result for lego christmas tree in manchester

In Paris ''Galeries Lafayette'' a Christmas tree was placed decorated with Swarovski crystals, which not only created the impression that it was all made of crystal, but also emit a delicate jingle.

Image result for swarovski christmas tree in Galeries Lafayette

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