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UK Does Not Want the EU to Have a Commander

Virginia Mayo

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon blocked plans the EU plans to name the military premises an "operational headquarters" – instead claiming it should be called a "Military Planning and Conduct Capabilities (MPCC) unit., Express reports.

British official also refused to let the head of the centre be known as a "commander" – instead vying for the less militaristic moniker "directors".



As a result no agreement was made yesterday, and  the legal decision to set up the centre was postponed.

 In his turn the UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson defended the UK government’s action, claiming it was simply a matter of the correct language.

"If they want to come together as you suggest with other arrangements then you know we are not going to stand in their way.

"We are just working on some of the language to make sure that we get it totally right."


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