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What Do Energy Cooperation and Nuclear Safety Assume in the EU-RA Agreement? (Reference)

Recently the EU published the "Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement Between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and Their Member States, of the One Part, and the Republic of Armenia, of the Other Part" initialized with Armenia, the final signing of which is expected in the near future. "Armedia" IAA presents a series of materials on the most important issues that have become topics of hot discussions.

Later, if necessary, taking into consideration public interests, we will also address those issues that are not included in this series.


The EU-RA Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement included different spheres of cooperation, among others energy cooperation, in particular, the issues connected with nuclear safety.  Chapter 2 entitled "ENERGY COOPERATION, INCLUDING NUCLEAR SAFETY" of the Title V "OTHER COOPERATION POLICIES" refers to energy cooperation (pp. 43-45).

According to the Point 1 of Article 42 in Chapter 2 of the agreement, the parties should cooperate on energy matters on the basis of the principles of partnership, mutual interest, transparency and predictability. Cooperation shall aim at regulatory harmonization in the areas of the energy sector areas, taking into account the need to ensure access to secure, environmentally friendly and affordable energy. The second point of the same article specifies the spheres of the energy cooperation.

In particular, the sub-points of the point 2 of Article 42, consider the cooperation in the energy strategies and policies including for the promotion of energy security and diversity of energy supplies and power generation. The same article also considers cooperation on the issues, such as diversification of energy sources and routes, the development of competitive energy markets, the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy savings, the promotion of regional cooperation on energy and on integration into regional markets, as well as issues connected with energy security.

As for the point on nuclear safety, in particular Medzamor nuclear power plant, then the cooperation in this sphere is regulated by sub-point 7 ("g" in the agreement) of point 2 in the Article 42. Among others, the cooperation also includes: "the civil nuclear sector taking into account the specificities of the Republic of Armenia and focusing in particular on high levels of nuclear safety, on the basis of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards and standards and practices of the European Union referred to hereinafter, and on high levels of nuclear security, on the basis of international guidance and practices." According to the sub-point, the cooperation in this sphere considers:

(i)  the exchange of technologies, best practices and training in the fields of safety, security and waste management in order to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants;

(ii) the closure and safe decommissioning of Medzamor nuclear power plant and the early adoption of a road map or action plan to that effect, taking into consideration the need for its replacement with new capacity to ensure the energy security of the Republic of Armenia and conditions for sustainable development;

8th, 9th, and 10th sub-points of the 2nd point in Article 42 ("h" "i" and "j" sub-points in the Agreement, pp. 44-45) consider the regulations on such issues of cost-based system for the transmission of energy resources, pricing policies, regulatory aspects reflecting key principles of energy market regulation, competitive, transparent and cost-effective tariffs, and adequate and independent oversight, scientific and technical cooperation with particular attention to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

According to Article 43, the regular dialogue should be conducted on the issues included in the same Chapter.

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