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Finance Outstrips IT in Digitization - Research

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Executive search and recruiting firm Korn Ferry conducted a study that compared companies from different countries and sectors by their digital sustainability. The finance industry came out a leader, leaving even the tech industry behind, reports.

 that the Korn Ferry study assessed 362 companies from 14 countries and macro-regions. They represented five industries: consumer sector, finance, healthcare, industrials, and technology.

The companies were ranked by five dimensions of digital sustainability: Agility, Connectivity, Discipline & Focus, Openness & Transparency, and Empowerment & Alignment. Each company was granted an index of digital sustainability, which reflected the measure of adaptation to the conditions of digital economy.

Finance industry got the highest digital sustainability index across the compared sectors.

“Financial companies have, for some time, had the compelling commercial drive to shift culture, processes and practices – seeking to protect customer data and market share while meeting new customer and talent demands,” stressed Korn Ferry.

Technology ranked second in the study.

“The Technology sector is not only made up of the high-growth ‘unicorns’ and disruptors of the world, but also decades-old legacy tech giants in need of structural, cultural and work process reform,” noted Korn Ferry. 

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