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Ethnic Armenian MP of Syria, Baroness Caroline Cox of UK Discuss Community Situation

Representatives of UK’s House of Lords (Upper House of Parliament) have discussed the current state of the Armenian community of Syria, among other issues, during a meeting in the Syrian Parliament. Ethnic Armenian Member of Parliament of Syria Nora Arisyan was also taking part in the meeting, Armenpress reports.

"Numerous issues were discussed during the meeting with representatives of the House of Lords, which concern the restoration and situation of Syria, re-establishment of security. The Armenian community was also discussed," Arisyan told.

The ethnic Armenian MP presented to the UK parliamentarians that many churches and schools have been destroyed during the war, and restoration works are underway.

Arisyan told President of the delegation Baroness Caroline Cox that Armenians are living in a united and harmonious Syrian friendship, which is in line with cultural diversity.

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