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What Important Events are Expected in the World in 2018?

The end of the year is an opportunity not only to summarize the passing year, but also to plan and set expectations for the coming year. "Armedia" IAA presents the most important events that are expected in the world in 2018.

Thus, as 2017, 2018 is also expected to be important in the context of international relations or at least regional developments as many parliamentary and presidential elections will take place. Particularly, in 2018 parliamentary elections are expected in Lebanon, Hungary and Moldova. Presidential elections are expected in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia. Although the results of the latter have been quite predictable for analysts, the upcoming March 18 elections in Russia will be the most significant event of the world politics next year.

It should be noted that 2018 will be decisive for Armenia's political life as well. In the spring of 2018 Armenia will completely pass to the parliamentary form of government. The country will be headed by the Prime Minister, and it is not clear yet who the Prime Minister will be.

Another important event of 2018 for Armenia and the world is the 27th summit of the Francophonie Organization, which will be held in Yerevan.

The coming year will be quite rich in sport events. The 23rd Winter Olympics will be held in Phenchhan, South Korea, from 5-25 February, 2018. These games have already been marked by the fact that the International Olympic Committee deprived Russia of the right to participate in the Games.

Another important event is the 21st World Football Championship, which will take place from June 14 to July 15 in Russia.

Among the memorable events of 2018 are also the 12th Parolympic Winter Games, Asian Summer Games, the 3rd Youth Olympic Games and the World Chess Olympiad.

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