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Armenian and Russian Peoples’ Friendship is Anchored on Christian Values: Eduard Sharmazanov

Wikimedia Commons

The RA NA Vice President Eduard Sharmazanov met with the RF delegation, led by the Executive Director of the History of the Motherland Foundation Konstantin Mogilevsky and the Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Yerevan Sergey Rybinsky, to take part in the Conference dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the Treaty of Turkmenchay, the official page of the RA NA reports.

Eduard Sharmazanov offered condolences on the Russian An-26 aircraft crash while landing at Hmeymim Airport of Syria which caused casualties.

The RA NA Vice President has highlighted the holding of the Conference with the heading: The Treaty of Turkmenchay: 190 Years. The History and the Present in Yerevan, underlining that such events are important not only in terms of once again evaluating the past, but also informing the youth about the Armenian-Russian centuries-old friendship and common past.

"The victory in the Great Patriotic War is our peoples' common victory, and the new generation should be well aware of that and recognize heroes. The Armenian and the Russian peoples' friendship is anchored on Christian values. We have common values and we should preserve them," he underscored.

Eduard Sharmazanov proposed them to organize an Armenian-Russian scientific-educational Conference dedicated to the Battle of Kursk, noting that the Chief of Marshal of Tank Troops of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Great Patriotic War Hamazasp Babajanyan was the hero of that Battle. He proposed also to discuss the issue of also organizing the exhibition in the Russian Federation with the heading Parliamentarians against Genocides dedicated to the 70th jubilee year of the adoption of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide by the UN.

In the implementation of the initiatives and the programmes the guests underlined the support of the History of the Motherland Foundation and the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Yerevan.

The perspectives of the activation of the two peoples' political, military, educational and scientific ties were discussed. It has been noted that the further development and deepening of the bilateral relations stems from the interests of the two states.

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