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The Syrian People Further Strengthen the Foundations of Sovereignty: Ethnic Armenian Lawmaker

The Armenian community of Damascus, like the other residents of the capital, faced the aggression of the US and its allies. "The moral and psychological situation is high, life continues", said Nora Arissian - ethnic Armenian lawmaker of the Syrian Parliament, chair of the Armenia-Syria parliamentary friendship committee, Armenpress reports.

"Unilateral actions or aggression are violations of the principles of the international law that took place outside the UN Security Council, which at the same time is a gross violation of the principles of a sovereign state. It's over 7 years our people were resisting the international terrorism, and now they resist such aggression. The Syrian people further strengthen the foundations of sovereignty. Today in the morning the squares of the city were full of citizens who were celebrating the victory against the aggression of the US and its allies which didn’t achieve its goal", the lawmaker said.

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