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Can Palestinians Have Any Impact on the Changed Status-Quo?

Mohammed Abed / AFP

A strike on the west coast of the Jordan River is a sign of protest against killings of Palestinians on the border with Gaza. It should be recalled that on May 14, Israeli military and Palestinian protesters clashed on the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip. Palestinians were protesting against the anniversary of the founding of Israel state and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. As a result of the clashes, there are dozens of victims and hundreds of wounded, including women and children.

It is hard to say whether the protests will turn into a new Intifada, but it is obviously not the best scenario for the Palestinian authorities. Ramallah tends to solve the problem by other methods: in particular, to cancel Israel's recognition by Palestine, and to create an international commission to deal with the killings of protesters.

The international community is also unlikely to take drastic measures, especially when one of the main reasons for the clashes was protesting against the US embassy's transfer to Jerusalem. Now the international community just criticizes the US and Israeli actions, and at the best, calls back its ambassadors for consultations.

Such actions cannot have any impact on the US decision, but may have a certain impact on the Palestinian-Israeli negotiation process, in particular in terms of reviewing the US mediation role as well as toughening the position of the Palestinian side.

Thus, the US has changed the status quo in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which cannot be favorable for the settlement process.

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