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EU Agrees Sanctions Against Iran's Intelligence Agency

The European Union has agreed to enact sanctions against Iran's intelligence agency "for its assassination plots on European soil," Danish foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, said on Tuesday.

According to the Danish Foreign Ministry, both Iran's intelligence agency and its director general of intelligence, Saeid Hashemi Moghadam, were now on the EU's terror list, euronews reports.

"No other country's intelligence services are on the terror list," he said in a statement. "So it's a very clear signal we send to Iran today."

Denmark has been particularly vocal about its support for the EU sanctions after officials said in October last year they had uncovered an Iranian-backed assassination plot on Danish soil.

The plot was carried out by a Norwegian citizen of Iranian background, who had ties to Iran's intelligence agency, and planned to assassinate an Iranian-Arab opposition activist in Denmark, officials claimed.

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