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President Sarkissian Participated at the Photo Exhibition of the Young People Involved in the Homeland Defender Program

President Armen Sarkissian and Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian were present today at the photo exhibition of the participants of the Homeland Defender program, injured during the military service and those with health issues. The exhibition opened at the “Yerevan, My Love” Fund.

Director of the “Yerevan, My Love” Fund Arshak Karapetian noted that after the President announced the commencement of the Homeland Defender program and Fund initiated its first project, it opened for the patients of the Rehabilitation of the Homeland Defenders Center the photography, video shooting and editing classes. The program was attended by 11 young men treated at the Center. One of the them, Tigran Sargsayn, has already been employed by the “Yerevan, My Love” Fund.

The President greeted the participants of the program and stressed the importance of attention toward all those who put their lives in harm’s way to defend our Fatherland, some of them were injured or acquired health issues. «Many of young servicemen receive pension which is not sufficient for a young man. The task is to bring them back to normal life, and I am glad that some of them are working today at the Presidential Administration. Those are brilliant and gifted young men who work diligently and produce excellent results,” President Sarkissian noted.

Referring to the exhibited photo works, he noted that each of the participants has his own style. “I am glad that some of them will carry on with their lives using the skills they received as a profession which they will be proud of, will be creative and through it will find their worthy place in the society. I would like to repeat my appeal: If each of us, state institution or private company, make just a small step and help those young people who today have some psychological, financial problems, and bring them back to normal life - one, two, three individuals, it would be a great job,” President Sarkissian underscored.

A participant of the program, the 23-year old Tigran Sargsyabn from Spitak, noted that after being injured during his service, he thought that his life was over but “when I learned about the photo classes, I got excited, registered and participated with great enthusiasm. Thank you. I will continue and believe there is always room for improvement.” The Director of the Homeland Defender Rehabilitation Center Haikuhi Minassian in her remarks noted that since the first visit of the President of Armenia to the Center and after the appeal to provide employment to their beneficiaries, more than 30 young men have received jobs in different establishments.

“I thank you on behalf of all troops, Mr. President,” the Director of the Center said. She also stressed the importance of providing proper, state-sponsored health care for the injured in the service soldiers and those with health problems. The President of Armenia wished the young men success and noted that the participants of the classes would receive as gifts photo cameras from the “Yerevan, My Love” Fund. He also informed that a competition would be announces for photo pictures on the same topic and the winner would get the second camera. “You all proved that you are true talents,” President Sarkissian said. “Our common journey will be a long one. I will be glad to attend all your exhibitions.”

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