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Armenia and Kazakhstan Have Big Potential to Develop Relations

A conference on the relations of Armenia and Kazakhstan, opportunities of their development took place at Armenian State Pedagogic University in Yerevan yesterday. Astana Economic Forum that took place on May 21-22 became another platform to discuss new opportunities for the Armenia-Kazakhstan relations.

The conference was hold in the framework of the project "Armenia-Kazakhstan: Platforms of Cooperation", implemented by NGO "European integration" with support of the Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan in Armenia.

The president of the NGO "European integration" Karen Bekaryan, acting ambassador Kanat Hasenov and deputy rector of Armenian State Pedagogic University Ara Eremyan welcomed the participants.

Kanat Hasenov underlined that "positions of Armenia and Kazakhstan are the same on many foreign policy issues". He paid particular attention to the increased number of small and medium enterprises in Kazakhstan with the Armenian capital.  In the context of the development of Armenian-Kazakhstan economic relations he told the audience that the delegation of the businessmen from Kazakhstan visited Armenia in May. They hold meetings with their Armenian colleagues and officials, also participated in Armenian-Kazakhstan business forum. As a result, two memorandums were signed in the spheres of pharmacy and building. Hasenov noted that however additional efforts are needed to move these relations to a new level.

The speakers of the conference were the first secretary of the Embassy Asker Kiikov, the head of the NGO «Integration and Development» Aram Safaryan, Doctor of Economic Sciences Vilen Khachatryan and Orientalist Naira Mkrtchyan.

The speeches were dedicated to the Astana Economic VIII Forum that took place on May 21-22 under the topic «Communication as a Driver to the Sustainable Development of the Economy». More than 100 thousand people, heads of the states and governments, ministers, businessmen and investors, scientists, Nobel prize winners and young specialists in the sphere of the economy annually take part in the forum.

Vilen Khachatryan said that the participation in such forums is very effective, as the scientists establish important contacts, communicate with Nobel Prize winners: «Also it's a good stimulus for young generation», said Khachatryan.

Naira Mkrtchayn underlined, that many contracts are signed as a result of the forum. For this year she mentioned the importance of the discussion on the rehabilitation of the Great Silk way. She noted that this project can become a good opportunity for Armenia to a have a new route with Kazakhstan.

The pace of development of the economy of Kazakhstan and the development of Kazakhstan-Armenia relations were one of the main topics during the conference. Kanat Hasenov reported about eight agreements on investments in the economy of Kazakhstan that were signed during Astana Economic Forum. He emphasized  the importance of reforms in Kazakhstan, especially, in the spheres of  the communications, and education of the young generation.

Aram Safaryan noted that Kazakhstan was really the biggest economy in the Central Asia, and had ambitious to be in the list of 30 world economy leaders in 2050 year. He also commented on the good conditions our migrant workers enjoyed in Kazakhstan.

The participants were unanimous that  Armenia and Kazakhstan had big potential to develop their economies  however also noted that special efforts and support were needed to achieve it.

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