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Unfortunately violence and religious extremism increase day by day

"Armedia" IAA presents an exclusive interview with Dr. Ali Mohammad Helmi (General Director of Center of Interreligious Dialogue, Iran). The Interview was conducted during the "5th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions" in Astana in the framework of "Armenia-Kazakhstan: Cooperation Platforms" project, with the support of Embassy of Kazakhstan in Armenia.

-          Can such congresses as Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions contribute to the settlement of religious conflicts?

-          Such congresses can help leaders, scholars to come together and discuss issues, which is very important, very needed more than before. Also it is a necessary dialogue between religious leaders. It is important that religious leaders and scholars come together and talk face to face, especially about the recent issues in the world, especially in the Middle East. Unfortunately violence, religious extremism day by day increase. I think that religious leaders and policy makers should cooperate to find solution to bring peace and justice to the world. I hope this conference can help in this path all of us to join together. I have to express my thanks to the President and people of Kazakhstan for this Congress. This is the 5th congress. We, as Iranians, enter for interreligious dialogue and cooperate last 12 years with the Secretariat of the Congress.

I'd mention that this Congress was successful but dialogue is a soft way of action, its participants must be ready to change their mind. It will take time but it is of course having influence and it is one step for world. If all the countries pay attention and do something in this line, I’m sure we can get more fruits and result to bring peace to the world and people.

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