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Karen Bekaryan: Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy is the Continuation of its Internal Policy

On September 11 press conference, the Chairman of "European Integration" NGO, Karen Bekaryan presented the recent developments of Armenia’s foreign policy. Speaking about the process of the Karabakh conflict settlement, Bekaryan talked about the recent escalation of the situation on NKR-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Azerbaijan borders. "This escalation has some differences from the previous ones, as we see the types of weapons, artillery weapons are changing rapidly. Azerbaijan now uses such weapons that were not used in the past or were used rarely. And this is not a one-time action, this turns into a rule of game," the analyst announced.

"Azerbaijan’s foreign policy is the continuation of its internal policy. Situation in this country is worsening every day due to the suppression of civil society, activists and journalists. With the growth of harassment and violence it would be naive to expect that such intolerance would not grow on the borders," Bekaryan said, stressing that international organizations and states have their share of responsibility in this situation.

Talking about the Turkey, he said that Turkish domestic situation very much looks like the one that was 100 years ago. "Turkey did not change its style. Under various pretexts, the Turkish authorities solve their global, unforgotten problems against the indigenous peoples, primarily against Kurds. On the other hand, these actions serve to the internal political calculations. What has changed 100 years later? Turkey has learned to hide its actions much more better now," Bekaryan said, noting that as 100 years ago, today also the international community is silent.

Bekaryan considers that in such situation Armenia has a moral duty. "As a country, that passed through all this 100 years ago, raising this issue from international platforms is a moral duty for Armenia. At last, there are Kurds among our citizens and we cannot react passively to the brutalities against the Kurds," he said.

Summing up the results, the analyst said that we live in a very difficult region, in the Greater Middle East, and that is the reason why consolidation and alertness are needed.


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