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Does Israel Really Want to Resume Talks with Palestine?

As the clashes in Israel intensifies day by day causing deaths in both sides, talks on resuming  the negotiations become more and more actual. Former US President Bill Clinton believes that the deal between Israel and Palestine is possible. What makes him think so? Clinton claims that Israel is still worried with Iran and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is wise enough to calculate everything and come to a right conclusion.

"If you just looked at what just happened you wouldn't be very hopeful [that a two-state solution can be achieved].... but I would not give up on it - for a simple reason that Israel is still worried about Iran.... [After the last election in Israel] Netanyahu is now in a better position than he has been in a long time to make some sorts of more comprehensive agreement with the Palestinians, if - but only if - he can sell it as part of a rapprochement with people who will help them be secure against terror and Iran. So it might happen, I wouldn't write it off. Netanyahu is a clever man, he may finally be able to get there..." Clinton said in a talk with Al Jazeera.

The US has already declared that it is going to bring the sides around the negotiation table and the White House is already taking preparatory works for the meeting of Netanyahu and Abbas, reports.

Netanyahu, whether sincerely or simply for showing his constructivism, has also declared that he is ready to resume talks with Palestine for putting an end to the violence. "Now we can meet, I do not see any problem. This wave of provocations and attacks against Israel must be immediately stopped," Netanyahu said.

While Netanyahu blames Palestine for the escalation of the situation, Abbas blames Israel in his turn. The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Ryad Mansour, has recently sent a letter to the Security Council asking to protect the Palestinian civilians. "It is urgent to ensure immediate protection of the defenseless Palestinian civilian population in fulfillment of the provisions and obligations of international humanitarian law," said Mansour, reports.

In such an atmosphere, when the sides continue blaming each other, is it possible to resume the talks and have any progress in that process? Difficult to say… Let's asume that Clinton is right and for the sake of becoming stronger against Iran, Israel comes to an agreement with Palestine. This deal, taking into consideration the so many years of stance of Israel, will not be based on many compromises, ones that will weaken Israel. Taking into consideration the fact that Palestine is also not ready to compromise, the deal will not be that soon…




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