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Armenian IT Professionals should Come up with Their Initiatives in the Process of Creating a Digital Platform in the EAEU

This week was quite active for the EAEU countries  in terms of the meetings and agreements reached. Among those meetings was the meeting of Prime Ministers of the Union member states, during which government leaders agreed on a united Customs Code, on the creation of a single market of drugs, and others. The week for the EAEU, however, was marked with the achievement of another very important agreement - the contract between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the World Bank. The contract involves the implementation of joint research programs, aimed at creating a digital platform between EAEU Member States.

It is obvious that the creation of a digital platform, which is a part of the electronic control, will have a positive impact on the simplification of economic and legal relations within the Union, the reduction of all types of transactions and bureaucratic costs, time saving, increasing the degree of transparency of economic activity.

As for Armenia, then, besides the global positive features, there some short-term and substantive benefits can be considered. First, digital technology or any innovative initiative within the Union can immediately be viewed as an important opportunity to enhance the activity of Armenia. In the recent years, Armenia has recorded quite significant achievements in the field of IT (Information Technology), and improves its position every year. This circumstance gives reason to believe that Armenia can come up with relevant initiatives that will be clear and realistic. The fact that the minister of foreign markets, informatization and information technologies of EAEU is Armenian - Karine Minasyan can also be a contributing factor. This is quite an important opportunity that should not be neglected.

Moreover, given the fact of the participation of the World Bank in the project, the technology -innovative tools necessary for the creation of a digital platform, in fact, will be presented outside the EAEU, which gives our IT professionals a new output channel to the world market.

It is noteworthy that the Armenian side should be the most interested in the issue of creating a digital platform. Armenia is the only country that has no common borders with other members of the EAEU. Therefore, any tool which helps to speed up processes, enhance transparency, the possibility of reaching any point in space at any given time, will only increase the mutual trust between the Armenian businessmen and their counterparts from other countries of EAEU, expanding opportunities for cooperation between them.

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