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What Movies to Watch During New Year Holidays?

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During the New Year holiday you can get positive energy not only by communicating with your relatives, friends but also by watching good movies. Below are 5 movies that will ensure your happy mood during holiday.

Noel 2004

There are people, who can feel happy just by admiring New Year decorations, while there are people, who seem to have lost their hope of being happy long ago. The heroes of the movie are four different characters, who by chance meet during the New Year holidays in the same place – in the hospital. However, they could not even imagine that their lives will change after that meeting…

The Holiday 2006

One of the movie heroines lives in England, while another lives in Southern California. Both of them come across difficulties in their lives: one of them faces an unanswered love, while the other finds out that his beloved one betrays her. On the eve of the New Year the heroines decide to undertake radical changes. Accidentally, finding each other in the Internet, they decide to exchange their apartments and to celebrate New Year in a completely new environment…

Crown for Christmas 2015

After being fired from her position of a cleaner in one of the hotels in the US, the heroine of the movie, Allie, unexpectedly, gets an invitation to work in Europe. Later on it turns out that Allie is going to work in a real castle as a governess to a princess. Although princess Theodora, after the death of her mother, has difficulties in finding common language with people, Allie manages to win the heart of the princess and not only…

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Serendipity 2001

The heroine and the hero of the movie meet in New York, when both of them want to by the same pair of gloves. Despite the fact that both of them have already found their second halves, they decide to spend that evening together. When departing they face a dilemma - to continue their relations or to go back to their second halves. At that time the heroine of the movie comes up with an interesting suggestion…

Love Actually 2003

Heroes of the movie are 10 different people among them rock singer, writer, Prime Minister of the Great Britain, who before New Year hurry to achieve their plans. No matter how different the movie heroes may seem, how different plans they have, before New Year they all are united by the same thing…

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