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Happy New Year: Let 2018 Be Full of Miracles

2017 was quite difficult for the whole world - war, accidents, acts of terrorism, crisis... What happened to us? After all, life in this world is a gift from heaven, which is assessed only by the amount of goodness people have in them. The more light and joy one person spreads, the more hope the entire planet gets...

Let's leave all the bad things in the 2017. Let’s take only hope to peace, to love, to luck, to good and positive to 2018.

Let's do some good deeds in 2018: help the stranger, give money to poor, smile to passersby. And the world will change. Because good is contagious!

And when everyone will be guided by good intentions, goodness and happiness, luck and joy, miracle, health and peace will not get tired to live with us side by side. And they will want to stay with us during the whole 2018!

The whole team of “Armedia” IAA congratulates everyone with New Year. Let it bring all the best to the whole world.

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