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The Constitutional Court Suspended Moldovan President's power: What Does It Mean?

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Andrian Candu, the head of the Moldovan parliament, signed the appointment of new ministers and vice-prime ministers and took their oaths of office in place of the country's president Igor Dodon. According to media reports, it is about five new ministers and two vice-prime ministers, including - on European integration. Andrian Kandu also signed a law against Russian propaganda instead of President Dodon.

It should be noted that the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova authorized the Speaker of the Parliament to appoint new members of the government instead of President Igor Dodon, because of his repeated refusal to approve new candidates.His power for this period passed to Andrian Kandu. It should be reminded that this is the third time Dodon's powers are being suspended. 

Experts believe that there are no grounds for speaking about political crisis in Moldova, as everything is in working order. They stress that in the current situation the parliamentary majority used trick that can be considered as within the law, as they were approved by the Constitutional Court. "The struggle of the pro-Russian President Dodon and the Moldovan government, which is striving for maximum European integration, has been going on for a long time, and the situation when, instead of Moldovan President Igor Dodon, certain decisions will be approved by the speaker of the parliament or the prime minister of the country, can last until the election of deputies in 2018 or 2019," experts believe.

It should be noted that for the first time the part of Dodon’s power was taken away in October. Then he twice rejected the candidacy of Eugen Sturza, proposed for the post of Minister of Defense. For the second time, the Constitutional Court of Moldova suspended Igor Dodon's powers on January 2 when he repeatedly rejected the candidacy of five ministers and two vice-premiers proposed by the prime minister.

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