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Ratification of Armenia-EU Agreement Is Important First of All for Armenian Citizens

On April 11, the Armenian parliament unanimously ratified the Agreement on Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership between Armenia and the EU, opening a new stage in relations with the European Union.

However, the agreement still has to pass the process of ratification by all EU member states' Parliaments and the European Parliament (the process demonstrates the dynamics in the Baltic countries), but by the ratification of the agreement by Armenia the implementation of this document will start. A significant part of the points of the treaty will come into force already from the beginning of June.

If we refer to the significance of ratification of the agreement on behalf of Armenia, then two components can be distinguished: political and practical.

From a political point of view, the rapid pace of ratification and its unanimous approval in parliament are of great importance. Thus, Armenia demonstrated the determination to move quickly to the implementation of the agreement and the implementation of the envisaged reforms. In addition, official Yerevan proved that signing the agreement with the European Union was not just a demonstrative step showing its devotion to the vector of European integration, but also a manifestation of the real will to bring Armenia's relations with the EU to a new level.

From a practical point of view, ratification of the agreement will enable Armenia to move to the implementation of the greater part of the agreement, by about 80 percent. It is envisaged that before the agreement fully enters into force, there will be a regime for its temporary implementation, which deals with points within the jurisdiction of the European Union, and not its individual members. This, in turn, will provide an opportunity to launch reforms in many areas with the support of the EU.

Thus, Armenia not only demonstrated the necessary political will to start negotiations with the EU on the new agreement and sign it being an EAEU member, but also took the initiative in implementing this agreement. If the signing itself was important, first of all, from the point of view of demonstrating that the combination of the two integration processes is possible without any collisions, the implementation of the treaty is important for improving the living standards of Armenian citizens and for promoting reforms.

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