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Arsen Hambardzumyan: "Multi-Vector and Complementary Foreign Policy Should Remain Unchanged" (EXCLUSIVE)

Ahead of RA early parliamentary elections, which will take place on December 9, "Armedia" IAA presents interviews with the representatives of political forces on their foreign policy priorities.

"Armedia’’ IAA presents an exclusive interview with the member of Armenian Revolutionary Federation [ARF] Supreme Council '' Arsen Hambardzumyan. 

- Mr. Hambardzumyan, what steps should be taken to increase the security of Armenia?

- First of all, we must rule out sharp turns in foreign policy issues, multi-vector and complementary foreign policy should remain unchanged. It is necessary to strengthen the military-political component of external security policy.

Taking into account the fact that we are a global nation, it is necessary to develop and implement the whole strategy of discovering and using the national potential, overcoming the challenges facing the Armenian security and Armenian people.

The defense policy should be based on the concept of "nation-army", and military industry should be developed parallelly.

-How do you see the development of bilateral relations between Armenia, Russia, the US and the EU?

- Deepening and expanding allied partnership and strategic relations with Russia, strengthening of friendly partnership with the United States should be the priorities of Armenia's foreign policy.

Relations with the EU should be deepened within the framework of the Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement signed in 2017, while continuing the further development of bilateral relations with leading European countries, in particular with France and Germany.

-How do you see the development of relations between Armenia and its neighboring countries, in particular, with Georgia and Iran?

- Relations with Georgia should be based on the principles of friendship and mutual respect of national interests. In the framework of good-neighborly relations, issues of Armenians from Javakhk and generally the rights of Armenians in Georgia should be emphasized.

The deepening of good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations with Iran has a strategic importance for Armenia.

- Do you think it is possible to normalize the Armenian-Turkish relations in the foreseeable future and what steps should the parties take in that direction?

- Taking into account the policy and position of Turkey's current authorities, in the foreseeable future it is hardly possible to expect an opportunity for normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations. In general, the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations first of all supposes establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations without any preconditions and opening of borders, which are unilaterally closed by Turkey.

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