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Armenia has most Politically Active Youth Segment in CIS

Representatives of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (IPA) observer mission in Armenia have assessed the preparation works ahead of the general election as completely sufficient, Armenpress reports.

CIS IPA Secretary General Yuri Osipov, speaking to reporters after meeting Central Electoral Commission chairman Tigran Mukuchyan, said that although the campaigning time period was short, the recent Yerevan City Council election had given the chance to be familiarized with all political forces and candidates.

“I think that tomorrow the people of Armenia will make their choice,” he said.

Osipov said they will meet with political forces today.

“I believe that this quantity of political forces speaks about a democratic approach for the election. I have paid attention on the fact that here it is the young people who mostly [cheer] for the political parties. If we compare with other CIS countries, Armenia stands out with this,” he said, adding that this is very good, and that technologies and the internet give sufficient information to voters.

He stressed that it is impossible to compare the elections held ten years ago and the elections held now. “I believe that any young political force, candidate, that is participating in the election, is able to make efforts and show themselves and promote themselves in these elections,” he said.

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