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Solemn Ceremony of Awarding Athletes and Coaches in the Artsakh Republic Presidential Residence

On 26 December a solemn ceremony of awarding Artsakh athletes and coaches who achieved outstanding results in various international and national platforms in the passing year took place in the Artsakh Republic President'sResidence.
In his speech President Sahakyan noted that in 2019 Artsakh sportsmen achieved serious success becoming prize-winners of various world, European and Armenian championships.
"All these victories are both inspiring and binding. They are inspiring as the victories testify high physical preparedness level, determination to win and strong spirit of our youth as well painstaking and efficient work of our young people and their coaches. They are binding, because it is necessary not only maintain the defined bar, but also consistently improve professional skills. I am confident that you are able to do it. I am convinced as the results registered show that you are diligent and persistent, never avoid difficulties and take the utmost responsibility for the solution of the problems you face", Bako Sahakyan emphasized in his speech.
During the solemn ceremony President Sahakyan handed in certificates of the NKR Honored Pedagogue, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports well as the Honored Trainer to a group of the sphere representatives for their contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, preparation of the sport shift.
The Head of the State cordially congratulated the participants of the event on the coming New Year and Christmas holidays, wishing them robust health, happiness and all the best, peace and prosperity to our Fatherland and people.

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