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FIDE Bans Organizer of Turkish Tournament who Asked Armenian Delegate to Cancel Participation: Maria Gevorgyan

Armenia’s chess champion Maria Gevorgyan said the FIDE had banned organizers of  Sivas Buruciye international tournament hosted by Turkey after the scandal involving her and Azerbaijani delegate.

Back in 2019 Maria Gevorgyan received an invitation to participate in the tournament, but several days later got a letter from the organizer Mustafa Eroglu who told her that her ticket and accommodation had been canceled as the Azerbaijani delegates refused to participate in the tournament if she did.

“FIDE has banned Mustafa Eroglu, the organizer of the Sivas Buruciye international tournament. He will no longer be able to organize tournaments. The problem is that the organizer was banned, but Azerbaijani chess player who put forward the demand was not,” she said in an exclusive interview with Sport.

“The Armenian chess federation also believes that the chess player who had put forward such a demand has to be punished, but I was too busy to deal with the matter. However, we will be consistent, and everyone will be punished over this incident”.  

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