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It's very important to go forward step by step: Joaquin Caparros

Joaquin Caparros, who took charge of Armenian national team last week spoke to the FFA official site.


-What are your first impressions of Armenia?

-I feel very positive. I am very happy to be in Armenia and to enjoy a great welcome. I am enthusiastic about starting to work in Armenia and I want to play a big role in further development of Armenian football.

-How did it happen, that you decided to take charge of Armenian national team?

-The fact that Gines Melendez and Antonio flores, who were my tutors during coaching courses in Spain, are working here, but decisive factor was the program of the FFA. When I met the president for the first time, I understood that this is a serios project. I know how enthusiastic the players are about playing for the national team and what a pride it is ot wear a national team jersey.

-You are the coach who manages most games as Sevilla head coach. What does it mean to you?

-I have been a Sevilla fan since childhood. It’s a big honour for me to be the coach with the most games in Sevilla, which is one of the best clubs not only in Spain, but in Europe and the world. The fact Sevilla has won so many titles in Europe during last 15 years comes to prove it.

-What are the main differences between the work in the club and the national team?

-In spite of the fact I have worked only in the clubs, but I know the peculiarities of the work of national team head coach. In the club you are with the players during the whole year. In the national tema you have less time and it is very important to use the resources properly.Every coach would like to have the strongest players under his disposal and to adapt them to his ideas, but the coach often choses his tactics considering the abilities of the players he has. It’s very important to have a good atmosphere and to find right words to motivate the players. Everybody must realize that being a national team player is a big responsibility.

-You have watched several matches of Armenian national team. How is the overall level of the team?

-We have players from Serie A, Bundesliga, Russian Premier league, and, of course, their level is different, but the main function of the coach is to create a team from the players of a different level.

-What do you think about Henrikh Mkhitaryan?

 - Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a high-level player, a true professional. I wanted to see him playing against Sevilla, but unfortunately the match didn’t take place due to coronavirus danger. I know that Henrikh is a person devoted to his nation and country. His presence is very important for the teammates as they feel more confident on the pitch.

-Your opinion about the group Armenia was drawn in Nations league?

 -It’s a very competitive group with the possibility to win it, but it’s very important to go forward step by step, from match to match. For me the next match is always the most important one.


Blitz questions


-Sevilla 2000-2005, vs Athletic Bilbao 2007-2011

-Both, both are in my heart

-Andalusia vs Basconia

-Both for having fun (laughing):

- Sergio Ramos vs Daniel Alves.

-Very difficult to answer, both are my sons.

-Who was more talented at a young age: Reyes or Muniain?

-Your questions are really very difficult to answer (laughing).

-Del Bosque vs Aragonez

-Aragonez is a real maestro, while Vicente is champion of champions.

- Paella or Gazpacho?

-Paella and then Gazpacho.

-Sangria or white wine?

-White wine… white wine with ice.

-Almadovar or Bunuel?

-Almadovar, perhaps.

-1:0 or 4:3?

-Victory, just victory.

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