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The Cost of Each Minute of Delay is Human Lives – Karen Bekaryan Addresses the World

"For the sake of existence of people of Artsakh, for the protection of people’s inalienable rights, for the sake of effective fight against international terrorism, for the sake of not absolute crush of international legal order, for the sake of peace, for the sake of practically ensuring the inadmissibility of force and use of force, for the sake of protection of humanitarian values, for the sake of own credit of states and international structures, for the sake of victory of fight against the darkness of indifference (with the involvement of each individual no matter where he is), for the sake of present and future:

1. The states and international structures must immediately start and elaborate the process of recognition of independence of Artsakh,

2. The OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries must jointly or each separately present very clear and short-term ultimatum to Azerbaijan – either Azerbaijan ceases in the mentioned period of time the hostilities and returns to the negotiation process without preconditions, or the co-chairs recognize the independence of Artsakh,

3. It must be definite for Azerbaijan – political negotiations for the settlement of the conflict must take place only and only in case of full establishment of ceasefire and introduction of control mechanisms,

4. Azerbaijan’s refusal of the current behavior must change the content of the negotiations – negotiations will be held over clarification of partially recognized Artsakh and Azerbaijan’s borders.”

Addressing the international community Bekaryan added, “RF, France, friend countries, the EU, the USA, states, international structures, individuals, diplomats, Diaspora – it is time to act operatively, the cost of each minute of delay is human lives…”, reports.

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