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"Armedia" on the Traces of Israeli Elections

On the day of the parliamentary election in Israel "Armedia" IAA talked with Israeli graduate students to understand the situation on the day of elections and also to see the public opinion. People that "Armedia" talked with, either said they will vote for the Zionist Union or Likud party. These are the two leading parties according to the latest poll.

Those that were going to vote for the Zionist Union said that it is their main ideologies - equality, reducing disparities, reducing poverty, promoting public and equal health and public education, promoting workers rights,  gender equality, fighting corruption and racism, commitment to the two states solution – that has made them think the Zionist Union will create a just society in Israel and a better future for all of its citizens.

"Any Israeli citizen wants our country to have a better future, which means peace and equality between all citizens. I think the party committed to promoting these values is the Zionist Union," – one of the Israeli students told "Armedia".

Speaking about the main problems the Israeli citizens now face, the respondents said that the first and the foremost problem that Israel now faces, is the conflict with Palestine. In this regard expectations from the elections differ. Those right wing voters, "Armedia" talked with, hope that the elections will lead to a government able to fight for Israel's best interests, even facing international pressure. Some believe that an agreement can be reached, whereas others are not in favor of negotiations at all, stating there is no partner for peace in the current setting.  As for the left wing voters, they hope for peace negotiations and realization of the two-state solution under a left wing government.

"The war with the Arab world is ever going, and the Likud turned their campaign into a fear promoter, saying something like ‘if you won't votes for us, Iran will get stronger and nuke Israel’," – one of the students said.

Another major problems indicated by the respondents were the living expenses and housing issues and they expressed hope that the new government will meet these problems. One of the student even said that biggest problem of Israelis today is not the security, but the living expenses and added: "I don't think that our biggest problem is the Palestinians, and I don't fold to intimidation about Iran and the Arab world. Eventually, the daily life is what matters, and if it is too expensive to live in this country, nothing else will keep people here, not even ideology."

Speaking about the election moods in Israel, the students said that the situation is very tense as the main political parties are in very close competition. "This is the first time in years that the left wing has a real chance of winning the elections. Thankfully this will be over in a few hours," – one of the respondents said.

Among the respondents there was also a representative of the Armenian community in Israel. "Armedia" tried to learn from her, whether during the campaign any of the parties have touched upon issues concerning Armenians. Sona said that Armenians are well integrated in Israel and their problems are similar to those of other Israeli citizens. "This time, I honestly think lots of Armenians are going to vote for the left-wing parties, in particular for the labor party," – said Sona, the representative of the Armenian community and added that this choice is explained by the fact that the Zionist Union has promised to take care of the living expenses issues.

Referring to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel, Sona said that no one in Israel speaks about the recognition of the Genocide. "It happens only when there is a problem with Turkey," – she added.




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