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Narek Minasyan: Georgian Government is Facing a Hard Decision Concerning April 24

During a press-conference on "Latest developments in Georgia" board member of "European Integration" NGO, expert Narek Minasyan said that because of devaluation of Georgian national currency and Ukrainian conflict today a number of economic indicators, such as external trade, export, money transfers are decreasing in Georgia.

"The existing economic problems in Georgia are a good opportunity for launching a new format of economic relations between Armenia and Georgia, which the leaders of two countries have voiced many times. This means taking maximum use of each others’ integration processes, as a result of which Georgian products can enter the Eurasian market and Armenian products can enter European market in more competitive terms,"- the speaker said.

According to Minasyan, the existing economic problems in Georgia have raised a certain discontent towards the government. This discontent was added by social disagreement connected with the agreement signed between Moscow and Tskhinval on March 18. Meanwhile,  using this situation the opposition is trying to strengthen its positions. Among the latest initiatives of the opposition Minasyan stressed the March 21 demonstration by "United national movement" party. During the demonstration Sahakashvili’s supporters voiced such requirements, as resignation of the government, conducting early elections and change of the electoral laws.

As for the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and Armenia’s expectations from Georgia on this issue, the expert said, that the Georgian parliament is not likely to accept a resolution on this topic. "Taking into account Georgian-Azerbaijani and Georgian-Turkish trade relations, as well as Azerbaijani lobby in Georgia, the parliament will discuss the issue as proposed by their Armenian colleagues, but no tangible results should be expected from it,"- Minasyan explained.

The analyst stressed the fact that Georgian authorities are now facing hard choice concerning the level of representation during the April 24 events in Yerevan and Istanbul.

"Georgian authorities are now facing a hard choice- a centuries-old friend and neighbour Armenia on the one side and the main economic partner Turkey - on the other. The level of representation of Georgian authorities will be one of the best indicators of Georgia’s priorities,"- concluded the expert.

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