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Is the Prime Minister of the UK Quiting the Idea of Brexit?

The Prime-Minister of Great Britain made an unexpected announcement, calling up to hold snap general elections on June 8. Later the Parliament of the UK approved the decision, which means that the new parliament will carry the whole burden of Brexit process. But it seems that the real goals of the Prime Minister are not so definite.

The discussions on Brexit started in the UK after the parliamentary elections in 2015, when Conservative party with David Cameron won the elections. He promised to hold referendum on quitting the EU if his party wins. So, referendum was announced, but during the campaign he was asking to vote "AGAINST". However "FOR" vote won, and Cameron resigned. Tereza May became the next Prime Minister of the UK, who is now leading the process of Brexit.

Today May raises the issue of dissolving the parliament, saying: "I think it is right now to ask the British people, to put their trust in me and the Conservative Party to deliver on their vote last year a Brexit plan that will make a success for this country".

The British people has already answered this question during last elections and referendum, and today May has the necessary number of supporters in the parliament to put forward the process of Brexit. In this context the decision of May seems quite strange.

Here another issue comes: maybe the Prime Minister of Great Britain began to have doubts over the decision to leave the EU and is looking for ways to remain? The results of the election can create such a reality, showing that the British people changed its mind when realized what possible consequences "divorce" can bring.  This scenario should be taken into account.

It becomes even more truthful, when we remember that the Brexit had two main arguments: to stop migrant flows and avoid financial difficulties. But they found out that Britain will have to pay 50-60 billions of Euros during the Brexit in accordance with its commitments. This makes the British people think twice about the economic benefits of the process. 

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