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How New Year is Celebrated in Different Parts of the World


As a rule Armenian people celebrate New Year in a family and friendly environment with full tables and great festivities. At 00:00 sharp everyone raises the glasses wishing each other a happy upcoming year and expressing hope that all the failures remain in the past year and that New Year brings only love, happiness and peace.

Although New Year is an international holiday and the calendar year changes for everyone at the same time, it is celebrated with many different traditions and ceremonies. Each country has its own way to celebrate New Year. The meaning and the prejudice may also vary from continent to continent.



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In Italy, the celebrations of New Year and Christmas start on Decenber 24 and end only on January 6. By the number of free days, Italy is the first among the European countries.

Italialians like to celebrate the New Year itself at brightly lit and decorated streets and squares, where festivities are organized with musical performances, fireworks, theatrical performances and so on. On New Year’s eve Italians usually drink wine.

According to the famous tradition of the capital city, Rome, those will be happy and successful in the coming year, who throw themselves into the river Tiber, on New Year’s eve. However, the most famous Italian tradition is that people throw their old things out of the window, clothes, tableware or even furniture. Those will be happy in the upcoming year who manage to get rid of a lot of impractical things.

Italian Santa Clause, the so called Babbo Natale, visits home after home and distributes gifts to children that behaved well during the past year and have written a letter to him. Italian children look forward also to the Baptism of the 6th of January, when the Fairy give them presents, too.

During the New Year celebrations, there are at least 13 dishes on Italians’ tables.



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Although according to Chinese lunar calendar, the traditional Japanese New Year is celebrated in early spring, as in China, on January 1 in Japan New Year is celebrated as a state holiday. Here, the holidays last from Decenber 29 to January 3, and at those days, neither public nor private institutions work.

On the holidays’ eve the Japanese make order in their homes, buy presents for one another and make greeting cards. Here the symbol of the holiday is considered the so called ’’kadomatsu’’, an ornament made with pine, that are put at the entrance of the house. According to the tradition, they protect the home from the evil.

During these holidays, the Japanese often go to a temple. On this occasion women and girls wear colorful kimono.

The main New Year dishes are boiled seaweed, fish pies, cooked roots of burdock, little round bread.



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In Brazin, New Year is a summer holiday, as on January 1, it is very hot in Brazil.

In many many countries New Year is a family holiday, but not in Barzil. Here, people go out, to noisy clubs, cafeterias, night clubs or simply to the beach. Brazilians make a big noise at New Year’s eve: loud music, songs, dances and so on. From 23:59 the countdown starts, and at 00:00 sharp Brazilians make fireworks everywhere.

Like Sanish people, Brazilians also eat 12 grape seeds and make 12 wishes at New Year’s eve.

They do not have Santa Clause or Maiden. The thing is that the Brazilians still continue African traditions. Everyone must make tributes to the Imanja, African goddess, who is identified with the Holy Virgin Mary. They are carrying with them white candles and flowers and placing them on the wooden boards, and send them to the sea making a wish.

The logical continuation of New Year celebration in Brazil are Carnavals on February.



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In Egypt, the traditional New Year is considered September 11, when the river Neil overflows, which is an important event for people leaving in the desert, but January 1 is celebrated as the New Year like everywhere.

This frame of time is the best to earn money as many tourists from all over the world come to Egypt to celebrate the New Year. The New Year in Egypt is more likely to be a Western tradition than a holiday.

If not taking into account the hot weather, there is everything in Egypt to celebrate New Year, even the traditional Christmas Tree.

Here, Santa Clause is called Papa Noel, like in French to remember and to remind each other who has transferred the holidays to this country in desert.

Although in Egypt, Christmas holidays are mostly celebrated by the tourists, the Egyptians also congratulate each other on the New Year’s eve and drink champagne.

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