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Preliminary Results of the Artsakh General Elections Have Been Announced

  •  NKR

Second round of elections will be conducted in Nagorno Karabakh after none of the candidates received 50%+1% of votes. reports, Artsakh Election Commission chairperson Srbuhi Arzumanyan speaking at a press conference today said that former prime minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan received 49,26% of votes, followed by the republic’s foreign minister Masis Mayilyan - 26,4%.

Ex-secretary of the Security Council Vitaly Balasanyan received 14,7%.

''None of the candidates overcame the 50% threshold which means that the second round of elections must take place,'' she said, adding that the second round is set for April 14.

73,5% of voter turnout has been registered in the elections.

Overall 14 candidates ran for the presidential post.


Five political forces got seats in the Nagorno-Karabakh National Assembly as a result of March 31 elections held in Artsakh Republic.

Free Homeland – United Civil bloc, United Homeland, Justice party, ARF-D and Democratic party passed the necessary threshold.

NKR’s parliament consists of 33 deputies.

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