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Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Alsabekov: There are Problems that Cannot Solve One Leader, One Country

Armedia" IAA presents an exclusive interview with Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Alsabekov, Deputy Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan. The Interview was conducted during the "5th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions" in Astana in the framework of "Armenia-Kazakhstan: Cooperation Platforms" project, with the support of Embassy of Kazakhstan in Armenia. 

- Will you, please, tell what the practical value of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions is?       

- From the 1st Congress a great importance was attached to the term "inter-religious harmony." President of Kazakhstan as if foresaw what is happening today in the world. And at every convention, we do not get tired of repeating that peace and harmony are necessary for all people around the world. Every year, life becomes complicated, new sects, new political parties emerge, that hinder the peace of the people, the peace of our beautiful planet. Astana today demonstrates peace and harmony, because they exist in our country. Inshallah, if God is willing, we will continue to be so! And we want other countries, too, to live in peace and harmony. Our President does his best so as we do not make distinctions between nationalities and religions in Kazakhstan. All of us are living as one family.

Why do we gather every 3 years? Because during this period certain problems are being accumulated. But these are problems that cannot solve one leader, one country. So we need to come together and solve those problems. Every religion calls for peace and harmony, it protects human life, because life is precious and is given to man by God. And that is why, people that come to this beautiful world, should feel happy. Earthly life is to be Paradise. If in one place there is peace and harmony, and in other place - no, then what happiness is it? We should not see war, weeping people and blood. We should see peaceful sky and prosperous country.


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