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Different Parts of World Protest Against Trump's Immigration Ban


The League of Arab States is worried about the US president Donald Trump's decision to restrict entry visa for the refugees from Muslim countries.

"Donald Trump's decision destroys the unity of families in general and the relations between the United States and the Arab countries," said the organization's secretary general, Ahmed Abdul Gheit.

According to him, Trump's actions are contrary to the positive processes that are observed in the last decade.

It should be recalled that Trump suspended for 90 days the immigration from seven countries, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

In addition, for 120 days he suspended the acceptance of refugees from any country, and an indefinite ban imposed on the entry of Syrian refugees, providing an exception only for Christians.

The protests against this decision do not stop in the largest cities of the United States. Mass demonstrations were held in California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia etc.

Protesters chanted "No hate" and "No fear," "We welcome the refugees." At least five federal judges have gone against the president's decree and blocked its implementation.

According to the Gallup poll analytical agency survey data, at least 51 percent of Americans do not approve Trump's migration policy.

After nationwide protests the head of the White House released a statement, which said: "America is a country of immigrants, and we will continue to care for those who are fleeing from persecution and pressure, but we must also protect our own citizens and borders."

"In the world there are more than 40 predominantly Muslim-populated countries, which are not covered by this decree," the president-elect added.

However, such a policy has caused concern among many countries not only in America. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has publicly expressed regret, saying that "the fight against terrorism and extremism does not justify doubts regarding specific nationalities."

Canada, in turn, criticized Trump, and the country's immigration minister Ahmed Hussein said that Canada is ready to provide temporary shelter for people who are forced to stay because of the Trump decree restricting entry for Muslims. Hussein added that the administration of the Ottawa assured that the prohibition does not apply to the Canadians with  dual citizenship from those seven countries.



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