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Turkey Building Watchtowers with a Height of 15 Meters along Borders

Yeni Safak

After the construction of a 688-kilometer wall between Turkey and Syria and a 144-kilometer wall on the Iranian border was initiated, the construction of watchtowers with a height of 15 meters and a diameter of 7 meters was also given the green light.

The high security surveillance towers, dubbed "kulekol," are to be placed at certain intervals between the border walls, and a military team of 10 will reside there. 

The project aims to prevent illegal crossings and terrorist infiltration from Syria and make the border more secure, Yeni Safak reports.

The watchtowers, which will have five floors, will cater to all the needs of the soldiers who will be stationed there.

The walls of the watchtowers, which are 30 centimeters thick, were designed with a structural steel system. Precast elements of 10 centimeters were also installed to withstand explosions. The steel roof is coated with galvanized trapeze sheet metal.

It is noted that the watchtowers can be relocated.

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