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Jerusalem: Armenian Community Lives with Its Normal Life

Al Jazeera

The situation is calm in Jerusalem, the Armenian community lives with its normal life. According to Armenpress, Hovnan Baghdasaryan - Chancellor of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem said. "The events are taking place in Gaza, it is quite far from Jerusalem, especially from the Armenian district. At this moment I can state that we are living with our daily life in the Armenian district, the situation is calm, we have no problems. We are implementing our weekly plans. Of course, we are concerned over that violence," Hovnan Baghdasaryan said.

As for the possible impact of these developments on the Armenian community, Hovnan Baghdasaryan said the impact can be on the overall society, rather than on the Armenian community separately. "These events may affect the Armenian traders, the business in general which is logical since the Armenian traders are part of the overall society," he said.


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