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Moldova Can Meet a New Crisis

The government of Moldova resigned. As a result, economic crisis can turn to a bigger political one. The members of coalition are surprised and have started negotiations on forming a new government.

The cause of the dissolution of the government is the retirement of the Prime Minister Kiril Gaburici on June 12. Before that Gaburici had announced about his intention to resign because of the high level of corruption in the country. For about 1 bilion euro was taken away from the banking system of Moldova, after that Prime Minister demanded to discharge the heads of national Bank and Head of the Commission of financial system of the country, saying that otherwise he would resign. The demand of the Gaburici was not satisfied, moreover, he was called to the Office of Public Prosecutor and as media reports Moldovan authorities have launched an investigation into claims that Gaburici may have forged his high school and college diplomas.

After that on June 12 Gaburici announced: "Yesterday, I was summoned to the Prosecutor General's Office with regard to the education documents' case. You know this happened following my statements that certain officials need to resign. I am officially announcing my resignation", Sputniknews reports.

His resignation was a surprise for the other members of coalition. Now new negotiations on forming a government has started. The government of Gaburici was formed by the coalition "For European Moldova" from the Liberal-democratic and Democratic parties with the support of Communist party. Socialists and Liberals voted against it.

According to the members of Democratic party, now the coalition is negotiating with Liberal party.

The scandal with 1 billion euros brought not only protest of the Prime Minister but also of the society. Thousands of people took the streets demanding to give up corruption and follow the European aspirations of the country. Not only pro-Europeans but also pro-Russians were protesting. The government with European aspiration, in fact, does steps that can put the European future of the country at risk.

At the same time, for about a half of the society in Moldova are against European integration and have pro-Russian aspiration. This crisis can weaken not very strong positions of the pro-European government of Moldova and bring new crisis.

At the same time the EU can no longer close its eyes on this situation and continue to encourage Moldova only by political decision. This kind of policy during the last years has proved that this can bring a risk of generating new sources of crisis. 

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