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Will the Rebellious General Succeed in His Post as Trump's National Security Adviser?

US Army

A man with great talent and great experience. This is how Trump characterized his new National Security Adviser, General Raymond McMaster.

 It is noted that Republicans have held serious backstage campaign in order to appoint the general on this position. The general has a fame of intellectual and military strategist.

Raymond McMaster, unlike Mike Flynn, who previously worked with Trump, did not have any connection with the President. McMaster is considered to be an exceptionally independent-minded person, who is always ready to argue his point in front of the leadership, for which he received a "rebellious general" nickname.

Raymond McMaster graduated from the US military's most prestigious educational institution Academy at West Point. He has actively taken part in different military operations, among them the 1990-91 "Desert Storm" operation, during which the American forces under his command defeated Saddam Hussein's army. 55-year-old McMaster received "Silver Star" medal for bravery during the First Gulf War.

A wide general recognition he acquired in 1997 after the publication of his book called "The violation of military duty" which appeared in the recommended list of books of the United States Army officers.

He enhanced his reputation during the second war in Iraq, when in 2005 the Americans captured the town of Tal Afar under his command.

Prior to this appointment, McMaster served as head of the US army agency. He was responsible for introducing the latest developments in the military sphere to the American armed forces. He was trying to convince the government that the war could be won from a distance, thanks to high-tech weapons and targeted attacks. He claimed that the army was in need of modernization, and also warned that the country's security forces might become too small.

In addition, a year ago, Time magazine called him "the architect of the future of the US Army," including him in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world.


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