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Iraqi Army Forces Daesh Terrorists to Flee from the Country

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Iraqi Army together with volunteer forces has retaken the city of Ramadi and other strategically important areas of Iraq's Anbar province from Daesh terrorists.

"At least 70 ISIL militants were killed in the government and popular troops' military operations in al-Haditha region," Sputnik News reports, referring to Fars.

The al-Haditha district is in the west of Anbar province; the regions of al-Sokran and al-Sha'yee in that area are fully under the control of Syrian Army.

The army also continued its onslaughts on remaining Daesh positions in the eastern suburbs of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province.

They are now evacuating civilians, and bomb disposal experts are clearing the city of bombs the terrorists left before they ran away.   

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