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Political Situation in Iraq May Become Dangerously Critical

Wissm al-Okili / Reuters

On May 2, shiite protesters left the Baghdad "Green Zone" where the state institutions and embassies are located, and which is controlled in a unique way.

The Organizing Committee of the demonstrations announced that the suspension of demonstrations is connected by the pilgrimage, which Shia Islam followers will carry out during these days. At the same time demonstrators promised to return after a week, if their presented political demands are not met. The demonstrators demand from the authorities to realize an effective policy against corruption threatening that otherwise they will take over the headquarters of the three governing powers and will demand early elections.

Earlier, on April 30 Shiah cleric Moqtada al-Sadr held a demonstration in Baghdad "Green Zone", during which protestors stormed the parliament. Local media reported that in the result of the attack many parliamentarians were injuried. Protestors have left the parliament only on May 1.\

It should be mentioned that as a convenient occassion for the demonstration was another postponement of parliament session, when the MP's couldn't vote for the formation of a new government. Protestors underlined the necessity of minister's resignation, as well as urged to refuse formation of governing bodies by religious principle.

They support the proposed package of reforms against corruption, which was proposed earlier this year by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The package of reforms considers to realize personnel reshuffle, against which  there is a disagreement in the parliament, that's why the reforms are being continuosly postponed. 

It should be noted, that corruption issue is rather important for Iraq. According to the information of Transparency International Organization, according to the level of corruption Iraq is the 161st among 167 countries.  If authorities won't initiate an effective anticorruption policy, the situattion in the country may become critical, which will have a negative influence on the efficiency of the fight against the Islamic State.


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