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Mkhitar Hayrapetyan: We Will Reach the Liberalization of Visa Regime for Armenian Citizens (EXCLUSIVE)

Ahead of RA early parliamentary elections, which will take place on December 9, "Armedia" IAA presents interviews with the representatives of political forces on their foreign policy priorities.

"Armedia’’ IAA presents an exclusive interview with the member of  ''My Step'' alliance, Acting RA Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan


- Mr. Hayrapetyan, what steps should be taken to increase the security of Armenia?

 In our program, the answer to your question is in the most important part. And, of course, all the other points, principles, and the roadmap come out directly from this point. When speaking about Armenia's security, we equally refer both to the combat readiness and the efficiency of the Armenian Army in the changing demands of the security environment. This is our political priority.

We will initiate a strategic review of defense strategy, which will define a number of political demands, such as continuous improvement of the Armed Forces, the introduction of a variety of professional skills based on modern military technology, automation of the armed forces management system, the development of the social protection system of servicemen.


-How do you see the development of bilateral relations between Armenia, Russia, the US and the EU?

-The main goal of our foreign policy is to provide the sovereignty and security of the Republic of Armenia, and the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict. 

Further development of equitable and dignified relations in the international arena, ensuring broad involvement of the state and the people in global and regional political, economic, social, cultural, educational and innovative processes, increasing the reputation of the Republic of Armenia and raising the awareness of Armenian civilization are crucial for us.

We have emphasized many times and should always stress that Armenia is only pro-Armenian, and our steps in the foreign policy will be aimed at establishing good-neighborly, mutually beneficial relations with all countries. 

We will promote the further development of strategic allied relations with Russia, based on the centuries-long friendship of the Armenian and Russian peoples, on the mutual respect and national interests.

We will develop friendly, partnership relations with the United States in economic, scientific-educational and public spheres.

We will equally cooperate with the EU, taking steps towards the implementation of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the EU. We will also deepen cooperation and historical ties with EU member states and other European countries.

Yes, we will also reach the liberalization of visa regime for Armenian citizens.


-How do you see the development of relations between Armenia and its neighboring countries, in particular, with Georgia and Iran?

-Regardless of the geopolitical impacts, further development of special relations with Georgia and Iran is one of the emphasized points of our program.


- Do you think it is possible to normalize the Armenian-Turkish relations in the foreseeable future and what steps should the parties take in that direction?

-The only step towards establishing good-neighborly relations with Turkey is the statement of readiness to open the Armenian-Turkish border without any preconditions.

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