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Artsakh Develops Relations with the USA at Different Levels

The visit of Artsakh President, Foreign Minister and other high-level officials to the United States continues. In the framework of the visit the Armenian delegation had meetings with the US congressmen in the US Congress, participated in the reception organized in the US devoted to the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh movement. Besides meeting the US officials, President of Artsakh in the Center for the National Interest had meetings with a group of American scientists and experts. To note, the Center for the National Interest was founded by the US 37th President Richard Nixon in 1994 as a center for Peace and Freedom. The specialists of the center are engaged in policy advising as well as publish internationally high ranking National Interest journal.

The Armenian delegation also met with the representatives of the Artsakh Republic Permanent Representation to the USA, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, the ANCA and Eastern USA Central Committee of the Dashnaktsoutyun Party, the Supreme Council of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party and other Armenian community structures.

The visit of Artsakh President and other high-level officials to the US and the meetings are especially prioritized when considered in the following three levels:

The meetings with the US congressmen will allow activating, strengthening and expanding the existing connections between Artsakh and the legislative branch of the US government. It will give an opportunity in the future as well to voice the Armenian interest in the US congress and come up with different initiatives. Besides strong connections with the US congressmen will make them during force majeure situations become the first ones "to ring the bell" in the US Congress and other international organizations they are represented, about the threat against Artsakh.  In the future the connections in this direction can be expanded, if new ties are established with the congress and the political parties at the US states’ levels (especially with the ones that recognized the independence of Artsakh).

The meetings of the Armenian delegation with the US scientists and experts were also important. The strong connections in this direction will result in the raised popularity of Artsakh at the public level. It is important that the US think tanks and experts in their works more often refer to the Karabakh conflict presenting the interests of the Armenian sides on the issue. It is also essential that the cooperation in this direction results in the development of analytical potential in Artsakh and the representatives of scientific sphere there get an opportunity to participate in various exchange programs in the USA.

And finally, the meetings of Artsakh President and other high-level officials with the Diaspora institutions in Artsakh will allow establishing the culture of more active dialogue, which will increase the engagement of Diaspora representatives in various processes in Artsakh strengthening Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity.

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