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UK Prime Minister Tells He Could Bomb IS Without UN Mandate

Speaking in the House of Commons, British Prime-Minister David Cameron launched a renewed push to extend British anti-ISIL activity in Syria, signaling that he would ask MPs to vote on the matter before Christmas time (December 25).

"We must ask ourselves if we really are doing all we can do, all we should do to deal with the threat of ISIL, that  is poses to us directly," the Prime Minister told, as The Sputnik News reports.

This push for action in Syria comes despite opposition from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the UK cross-party Foreign Affairs Committee, which recently released a report saying British airstrikes in Syria would only serve as a "distraction" and wouldn't help with devising an overall approach to defeating ISIL.

Corbyn said the UK should instead be more proactive about imposing sanctions on banks and countries suspected of funding or supporting the militant group Isis.

He told Cameron to push for an economic crackdown with the rest of the European Union, claiming the terror group was being provided with “vital infrastructure”.

''Surely a crucial way to help defeat ISIL is to cut off its funding, its supply of arms, and its trade,” - Labour leader told according the Independent.

Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party's Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, the Prime Minister said he anticipated Russia would veto any attempt to come to an agreement on military intervention.

But the Conservative leader insisted that any action the UK would take “would be legal” to help to  protect the country by tackling Daesh, or IS as they want to be known, at the terrorist group’s source following the atrocities in Paris.

''Of course, it’s always preferable in these circumstances to have the full backing of the UN Security Council. I have to say what matters most of all is any action we take would both be legal and would help to protect our country and people right here'', - The Courier posts.

Let's note that Great Britain, along with representatives of the US, France and Saudi Arabia agreed to work with Russia and Iran on the matter of a Syrian peace deal during a peace conference in Vienna on Saturday.

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