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Anti-Terrorist Activities Continue in Brussels

It’s already two days that the Belgian police have been carrying out anti-terrorist operations in Brussels. Looking for the terrorists accused of organizing Paris attacks of last year.

It should be noted that the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 killed more than 130 people, leaving another 250 badly injured.

On the evening of March 15, police started its raids in one of the apartments in the South Fore quartier of Brussels, where, presumably, the suspected ones were hidden. Local authorities report that one of several armed men fired at the policemen when they opened the door. Three Belgian policemen and one French policewoman got wounded in result. One of the attackers was killed. His identity is not yet known. A flag of the terrorist group "Islamic state" was found in the apartment.

French Interior Minister Bernard Kaznyove reported that it is in Brussels, where, presumably, the terrorist attacks of Paris have been planned and prepared, and that the French police together with the Belgian one also participated in the special operations.

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, in turn said that anti-terrorist operations continue, and the police are searching for the two escaped.

It is noteworthy, however, that while the anti-terrorist operations continue, Belgians post on social networks the pictures of cats leaving funny inscriptions above. The point is that even during last year’s investigations, when an emergency was set in Brussels, police asked citizens not to tell about their special operations so that they could carry out them much quicker and easier, and the wise Belgians started to post various cats pictures and absurd comments in order to "divert" the terrorists attention and weaken their vigilance.

Due to such a "collaboration" with police, Belgians seem to show that despite the tense and fearful atmosphere that exists now in Brussels, they refuse to panic and become hostage to terrorists’ threats.

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